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Application for a Permit to Light a Fire

  • Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016

    Pursuant to Section 81 of the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY



    Pursuant to Section 6 of the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 a person must not cause or permit the burning of matter by a fire in the open on any non-domestic premises without written consent given under this clause by the Authority or a council or council officer as delegate of the Authority. The following conditions apply to the permit:

    1. Council reserves the right to grant or refuse any application at the Authorised Officer‘s discretion.

    2. Property must be at least half an acre in size; however all applications will require individual assessment.

    3. Only dry cured material can be burnt, NO green grass, leaves or garden waste. NO treated wood, plastics, rubber, poly or similar material is to be burnt.

    4. No fire may be lit or maintained pursuant to this permit except between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Saturday (inclusive).

    5. Adjoining neighbours must be notified by you prior to burning.

    6. No fires may be lit or maintained on a Sunday.

    7. The land immediately around and above the relevant land must cleared of all flammable material to a distance of at least four metres.

    8. A sufficient number of persons to control the fire must be present at the site of the fire from the time it is lighted to the time it is completely extinguished.

    9. An appropriate agent adequate to extinguish any escape of fire must be kept at hand.

    10. The permit does not relieve the person to whom it is granted from liability for any loss or damage caused by any fire lit or maintained pursuant to this permit and the Council does not accept any responsibility for any such loss or damage.

    11. The permit is liable to be revoked if the permit holder fails to comply with any conditions or other justifiable circumstances.

    12. Failure to comply with any specified conditions of consent will result in the permit holder being liable to a maximum fine of $4000 or 1 year imprisonment.

    13. This is not a permit to clear Native Vegetation. Controlled by Native Vegetation Act 1991 requires a separate permit.

    Local CFS Brigades:

    Brukunga 8388 6255      Hahndorf 8388 7771            Meadows 8388 3206

    Callington 8538 5592     Littlehampton 8391 2732     Mount Barker 8391 1841

    Echunga 8388 8181       Macclesfield 8388 9216        Nairne 8388 6246